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Miskipops: Filipino slang for the word “Maski paano”, meaning anyhow or whatever.

Miskipops Photobooth is a family-owned photo booth rental company based out of San Diego, CA. what you guys do: Aside from doing Photobooth on weekends, We both have our own weekday job: Ador as Computer Specialist (14 yrs) and Anna as Investigative Specialist (17 yrs).

We also love to hangout and party with family and friends.


 when you guys started doing miskipops photo booth: We started doing Photobooth back in 2012. The planning stared in mid 2011, when we attended a wedding and saw a Photobooth. It was one of those small booth  with about 10 simple props. It was simple, but good enough to entertain guests. So we thought how about if we can make something bigger with variety of props for guests to enjoy?

The next day, we did our research and right away we decided to go for it.


why a photo booth:  Ever since we’ve met, camera’s always been part of us.

Ador loves to take pictures and I love to pose. So when we learned about the Photobooth, we both agreed that this is it, this is our thing.



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